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    Can wood pellets be used in woodstove?
    I've heard it's possible with an insert that goes into the wood stove. Has anyone tried wood pellets for pellet stoves in their regular wood stove? If so, was the heat as good as wood? Does anyone know an on-line source to purchase an insert, if needed? Thanks for any info!
    In case we run out of wood and pellets were available.

    I don't want to ship a complete woodstove...just the insert I heard was available to put into a woodstove to hold the pellets so they would burn.

    I don't think pellets would work for you, the surface to mass ratio is too high. What about burning coal. Most wood stoves will handle coal. If you have an Agway near you, they carry coal. You would need either nut or stove coal. The stove coal is the largest, I prefer the nut coal, puts out a little more heat. And the coal last allot longer than logs.

    Alternative Heating of North America AHONA - Stay warm, save money and gain energy independence with our alternative heating systems.

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