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Like any method of heating;heating with wood pellets also has specific advantages and disadvantages. the most important advantage of wood pellet heating is that raw materials will be heated in a renewable way. Their efficiency rating is between 65 and 75%. Depending upon the size, woodburners heat an area of from 500 to 3,00 square feet.Efficient wood burners need to be sized to the space you want to heat.

During ancient times men used to put hot smoke from fire trenches on the floor stones which then radiated into the premises or enclosed area by convection and radiation. Today modern floor heating systems use electrical cables, mats or hot liquid pipes for the purpose. These underfloor heating systems are installed in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms.

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  1. I like heating with wood pellets. I am doing my master here but I am from Greece. Pellets are by far the best fuel for heating. However prices in Greece are a little bit higher than Holland. pellet prices can be found here. Keep going with your excellent blog!!!